Anthology #1

Short stories by Splice authors

A sinister voice from nowhere discusses extermination. An apartment full of soil conceals disturbing treasures. The plus-sized men on the Chesterfield sofas can’t keep their sensitive feelings in check, and in suburban Sydney a twisted romance blossoms at the height of “funeral season.”

The first anthology from Splice brings together new stories by three of our authors, along with new work by three authors chosen by them. Dana Diehl (Our Dreams Might Align) introduces Reneé Bibby, Michael Conley (Flare and Falter) introduces Abi Hynes, and Thomas Chadwick (Above the Fat) introduces Victoria Manifold — and as they intermingle, splicing their tones and textures, their stories speak back to one another, striking resonances across the spaces between them.

Paperback: £9.99

eBook: £2.99


Edited by Daniel Davis Wood. Featuring new stories by Dana Diehl, Reneé Bibby, Michael Conley, Abi Hynes, Thomas Chadwick, and Victoria Manifold.

Bonus Material

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