Splice is currently not accepting submissions of short stories and novels.

Pitches remain open, however, for book reviews and longer works of literary criticism. All such submissions should be emailed to Alec Dewar: ThisIsSplice [at] gmail [dot] com.

Splice pays all authors whose work is accepted for publication.

When submitting to Splice, please follow the guidelines below.

Book Reviews

Book reviews usually run between 1800 and 2200 words. Splice publishes at least one review per week, except during breaks in the summer and winter, and some weeks will see two reviews popping up online.

If you’d like to review for Splice, please don’t send in a completed review of a book you’ve read. Email with a query first, briefly describing the book you’d like to review, and attach a portfolio of three or four reviews you’ve written previously. These reviews may or may not have been published elsewhere. We ask for this portfolio because, when considering potential reviewers, we’re interested less in what you’d like to say about any one book and more in your style and your overall tastes and insights as a critic.

Bear in mind that we only publish reviews of contemporary literature. For our purposes, this includes books that have not yet been released and books that are no more than three months old. If you’d like to review a forthcoming title prior to its publication, that’s fine. Just submit a portfolio, as outlined above, and let us know which title you’d like to review. If we like what we read, we’ll see if we can secure an advance review copy for you. You’ll have to do this well ahead of the publication date, however, because we’ll need time to receive the book from the publisher and then forward it to you.

We tend to prefer reviewers based in the UK, for logistical purposes. Of course we’ll consider reviewers based anywhere in the world, but being based in the UK increases your odds of writing for Splice. We also try to maintain an even split between male and female reviewers. This means that if we turn you down, our “no, thanks” is not necessarily a reflection on you personally; there are a lot of variables involved in our selection process.

We’re especially interested to hear from readers with expertise in contemporary poetry.

We’ll get back to you within two weeks of receiving your submission.

Short Stories and Novels

Please note that, as stated above, Splice is currently not accepting submissions of short stories and novels. Submissions will re-open in 2021.

Splice publishes collections of short stories and novels. To get a taste of the sorts of things we’d like to receive, please read the book reviews we publish online. We’re interested in adventurous, stylistically unconventional literature. We’re not interested in genre literature, nor are we interested in literature that deals with unconventional subjects but lacks aesthetic innovation. We don’t publish individual short stories except by invitation, and at this stage we’re not able to publish poetry either.

When submissions re-open in 2021, our guidelines will be as follows:

Our short story collections total about 30,000 words, give or take 5,000 words either side of that. If submitting a short story collection, please email the entire collection to Alec Dewar at the address above, attached as a single Word document or PDF. We’ll take a look at it and respond to you within six weeks of receiving it.

As for novels: subject matter, style, structure, and length are absolutely wide open. Email Alec Dewar at the address above with a one-page outline of your book, explicitly identifying its unconventional qualities, along with a Word document, Pages document, or PDF containing the first 10,000 words. We’ll read through everything and offer you a response within six weeks of receiving your submission.