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Valeria Luiselli on Guadalupe Nettel

In a new essay at Guernica, translated by Samuel Rutter, Valeria Luiselli calls attention to the novels of the Mexican writer Guadalupe Nettel, particularly her prize-winning After the Winter:

Her two narrators are “in exile” — voluntary transplants — at a time when Latin American diasporas have more of evasion than subversion about them. In this sense, her narrators are ghosts from another era, drinking from dry streams, reliving an already dead and buried history. Nettel tends not to treat her characters with gratuitous cruelty — she’s not the type of author who considers herself smarter than them — but at the crossroads of her two narrators’ perspectives one can perceive a sincere irritation with the temptation to imagine ourselves as perpetual foreigners: in a country, in a family, in a house, in the body in which we are born.